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Parents and citizens association

Who are we?

The parents and community association (P&C) is a vibrant and committed group of parents and other community members who play an important role in supporting the school principal, teachers and non-teaching staff to enhance the learning outcomes and overall school experience for our children.

The key focus of our P&C is to provide a forum in which parents can articulate their needs and aspirations for their children and contribute to a developing partnership with the school. At P&C meetings parents can raise issues, initiate ideas and keep up to date with what's going on in the school. The P&C also provides feedback to the school on matters relating to curriculum and student welfare, as well as establishing links between the school and wider community.

Visit the federation of parents and citizens association of New South Wales here.

P&C executive 2022

President Damian Farrell
Vice Presidents Cindy Alice & Caterina Barry
Treasurer Lhasa Morgan
Secretary Tom Alletson
Executive Members Soenke Biermann

Save the Date

P&C Meetings are held Mondays week 3 and week 7 every term at 6pm. We're done and dusted by 8pm. All parents are welcome to join us for discussion and nibbles.

Can't make meetings?

If you'd like to stay up to date with what's happening with the P&C but can't make meetings, you are welcome to join our email list. Contact and we'll get you set up.

Questions or comments?

New people are vital to the ongoing success of our P&C, and we extend an invitation to all parents to come along and contribute to this community partnership. It is well known that a school's educational and social outcomes are greatly enhanced when parents and staff work together. As parents we can make meaningful contributions to the way our children are educated. Contact us at

Uniform shop

You can order uniforms online at our website.

Online ordering has the benefit of allowing you to order 24/7 at your convenience and you do not have to send cash to school with your student. Payment for online orders is by bank transfer and you nominate at checkout if you will be picking up your order or if it can be given to the student.