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Sophie Mount

Language learning is a Key Learning Area in all NSW High Schools due to the many proven benefits that come from learning a second-language. Learning a second (or third) language has been shown to improve the functionality of your brain, aid in developing decision-making skills, teach you to multi-task, enhance memory (for all subject areas), and improve your own English literacy skills.

At Mullumbimby High School we offer students the opportunity to engage with one of our closest neighbours through the study of Indonesian. It is a mandatory requirement that students in Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8) complete 100 hours study of one language. In Year 7 students explore identity, their friends and family, food, animals and pets, and complete exciting project based learning (PBL) assessments that allow them to engage both creatively and academically with the Indonesian language.

Stage 5 and 6 students (Years 9-12) are able to choose Indonesian as an elective subject. The topics studied focus on a student's personal world, leisure and holidays, healthy lifestyles, education and work, and their future aspirations. Students complete a range of PBL assessments that involve film-making, creating and editing magazines, and much more.

At Mullumbimby High School we are lucky to have a longstanding tradition of teaching Indonesian. As such, a wealth of resources are available to students including the latest online interactive textbooks, laptops and ICT, CDs, DVDs, websites and magazines.

Through the BRIDGE Program we have a connection with a ‘sister-school' in Lombok, Indonesia. SMAN 5 have visited MHS several times and will visit again in 2019, with a visit for our own Indonesian students to Lombok being planned for 2020.

Sophie Mount