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Leanne Clarkson

Career Learning describes the ongoing lifelong process of managing learning, work and life. It requires the skills and knowledge to plan and make informed decisions about education, training and career choices. The NSW Department of Education and Mullumbimby High School are committed to preparing young people for rewarding lives as engaged citizens in a dynamic society.

Careers Advisers help students to explore their education and career options. They liaise with parents, teachers, employers, community agencies, as well as education and training providers to deliver career education programs and activities for groups of students or individuals. Careers advisers:

  • guide students to decide on and develop career goals, explore career options and create effective career and transition strategies
  • assist students to identify abilities, skills and interests through a range of careers resources and learning opportunities
  • work with other teachers to develop students' employability skills, expand their knowledge and experience of the workplace
  • contribute to the school calendar to provide careers activities throughout the year
  • negotiate a careers space and deliver career education in our school
  • help students, parents and carers understand how the curriculum, subject selection, HSC, further education and training, as well as employment impact on career decisions
  • provide workplace learning opportunities for students
  • provide opportunities for students to learn about careers and career pathways, working conditions, skills shortages and work/life roles including entrepreneurship
  • support parents and carers to use tools and strategies to help search for a satisfying career path for students
  • technology – using appropriate technologies to complete tasks
  • cross-cultural understanding – respecting diversity and acting without discrimination.

Leanne Clarkson
Careers Adviser


Employment-related skills

Learning employment-related skills empowers students throughout their working life, even as the workplace changes around them. Skills such as collaboration, critical and creative thinking and problem-solving are highly valued by employers and help young people become active citizens in their community.

Employment-related skills taught in our high schools include:

  • learning – the ability to develop new skills and/or knowledge
  • communication – expressing and understanding information
  • collaboration – working effectively with others to get things done
  • critical and creative thinking – being able to evaluate tasks and look for new solutions
  • planning and organising – coordinating and prioritising tasks and resources
  • problem-solving – identifying problems and developing solutions
  • self-management – setting and achieving personal goals
  • initiative and enterprise – seeking and taking advantage of opportunities

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