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Recognising success

Mullumbimby High School is committed to recognising student success and positive behaviour.

Our Recognising Success system includes Thumbs Up Awards, the Regular Assessment Program (RAP), Merit Certificates and Chincogan Awards.

Student success and positive behavior will also be recognised and celebrated with assemblies, rewards excursions, presentation ceremonies and acknowledged in The Lyrebird (school newsletter), on the school Webpage and Facebook page.

Thumbs Up

"Thumbs Up" is a PBL initiative for instantaneous recognition of positive behavior in any setting in the school. Staff write the students name on a "Thumbs Up" slip and gives it to the student. The student places their slip into the box located at Student Services. At the weekly assembly, a student's name is selected from the box and they receive a prize such as a free lunch at the canteen.

Merit Certificates

Merit certificates are awarded to students at Week 3, 6 and 9 Year Assemblies each term and at the end of year Presentation Assemblies. Staff can award two merit certificates per class at each assembly. Year Assembly merit certificates are to be entered onto Sentral. The Presentation Assembly merit certificate process is managed by the relevant organising Head Teachers.

Chincogan Awards

The Chincogan Award is the highest merit award and Chincogan certificates are presented at the end of year Presentation Assemblies. The award is named for Mount Chincogan, which is prominent in the Mullumbimby landscape. RAP scores, commitment to learning/school, attendance and uniform data are used to determine Chincogan recipients. The Year Advisers coordinate this process. These awards are part of a strong tradition at our school.

Regular Assessment Program (RAP)

RAP is designed to support positive student behaviours at school. It aims to Reward and Praise the positive classroom behaviour of Year 7 to 10 students across all subjects on a regular basis.

RAP aims to:

  • strengthen partnerships between students, parents and teachers
  • provide an opportunity for regular and structured performance evaluation measured against the school's core values of Respect, Responsibility and Learning
  • identify students at all levels of the behavior continuum
  • identify students who are having difficulties in a particular subjects relative to other subjects
  • identify students who are to be rewarded for positive behavior

Teachers will assign a score out of five for each student's behaviour in the areas of being Responsible, Respectful and Learning. The teacher will use the RAP Scoring Rubric to provide a 'snapshot' of each student they teach twice a term. Students will be assigned a score between 1 and 5 by all of his or her teachers using the Sentral reporting package.

The scores will be collected and collated by a member of the PBL Team. The names of students who achieve an overall average score of 3 or above will be published on the noticeboard outside Student Services. RAP scores will help determine eligibility for reward excursions and Chincogan Awards.