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Industrial technology multimedia

Contact Person Adam Culbert
Units 2 Units for each of the Preliminary and HSC courses
Category A
Exclusions Nil
Type Board Developed Course

Stage 6 Industrial Technology: Multimedia is a 2 year long elective option for Years 11 and 12. If you enjoy creating or want to learn how to create graphics, videos, special effects, websites, publishing, advertisements, animations and games you should think about selecting Multimedia as one of your subject choices.

Your learning in this course is showcased in an externally marked, student selected HSC Major Project at the end of the HSC course.

A very practically orientated subject; particularly suited to those with a sound understanding of and interest in computing and/or digital creative works. Existing skills in these areas will be an advantage.


Preliminary Course

The following sections are taught in relation to the relevant focus area:

  • Industry Study – structural, technical, environmental and sociological factors, personnel issues, Occupational Health and Safety (15%)
  • Design – elements and principles, types of design, quality, influences affecting design (10%)
  • Management and Communication – development of practical projects; research, analysis and evaluation; skills in managing a project and developing and presenting a management folio; computer based technologies (20%)
  • Production – display a range of skills through the construction of a number of projects (40%)
  • Industry Related Manufacturing Technology – understanding of a range of materials, processes, tools and equipment, machinery and technologies (15%)

HSC Course

The following sections are taught in relation to the relevant focus area through the development of a Major Project (60%) and a study of the relevant industry:

  • Industry Study (15%)
  • Major Project (60%)
  • Design, Management and Communication Production
  • Industry Related Manufacturing Technology (25%)
Summary of external and internal HSC assessment In the Preliminary course, students must design, develop and construct a number of projects. Each project will include a management folio. Each project may emphasise different areas of the preliminary course content. Students also undertake the study of an individual business within a focus area industry. In the HSC course, students design, develop and construct a Major Project with a management folio. They will also undertake a study of the overall industry related to the specific focus area industry.