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Community and family studies

Contact Person Adam Culbert
Units 2 Units for each of the Preliminary and HSC courses
Category A
Exclusions Nil
Type Board Developed Course
Description Community and Family Studies is designed to develop in each student an understanding of the diverse nature and interdependence of families and communities, within Australian society. The course enables students to plan and manage resources effectively in order to address contemporary issues facing families and communities.

Preliminary Course

  • Resource management. Basic concept of the resource management process (approximately 20% of course time)
  • Individuals and groups. The individual’s roles, relationships and tasks within groups (approximately 40% of course time)
  • Families and communities. Family structures and functions and the interaction between family and community (approximately 40% of course time)

HSC Course

  • Research methodology. Research methodology and skills culminating in the production of an Independent Research Project (approx. 25% of course time)
  • Groups and Context. The characteristics and needs of specific community groups (approx. 25% of course time)
  • Parenting and caring. Issues facing individuals and groups who adopt roles of parenting and caring in contemporary society (approx. 25% of course time)

HSC Option Modules

Select one of the following (approx. 25% of course time)

  • Family and societal interactions. Government and community structures that support and protect family members throughout their lifespan.
  • Social Impact of Technology. The impact of evolving technologies on individuals and lifestyle.
  • Individuals and Work. Contemporary issues confronting individuals as they manage roles within both their family and work environments.
Summary of external and internal HSC assessment Students are required to complete an Independent Research Project as part of the HSC internal assessment. The focus of the Independent Research Project should be related to the course content of one or more of the following areas: individuals, groups, families, communities, resource management.